This is Yourz #2

So after a bit of a break we’re back with issue two, again featuring our collective of writers from Europe and the US. This time all writing on the theme of “journey”.

The UK’s Hope William and Bruno Diaz make their second appearances, both hitting dark and melancholic notes with fiction and creative non-fiction respectively. We also welcome back the US’s Magen Mintz for another short story concerned with the moody heart of American suburbia.

Melancholic and moody is also the order of the day in Dutch artist Lori Ornstein’s piece — a darkly comic road trip featuring an embarrassing father. While Robin Sherwood – another new arrival – gives us a sneak peak at a chapter of his autobiography¬†Ashley Copse featuring a train journey of discovery for his childhood self. Lastly, we have three poems by Harry Wooler, which are beautiful, elegiac and odd in equal measure.

We hope you enjoy reading this new issue and look forward to hearing your feedback. Please comment under each piece, or drop us a line at You can also usethis address if you’re interested in submitting something for our next issue.

Thanks for waiting and reading.

Kind regards,

The TIY team.


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