Binky Hyde

On These Street

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On these streets I made myself
On these streets I sipped cider in the streetlight
Smoked cigarettes that weren’t mine
Leant out bedroom windows on dark nights.
On these streets we gave backies on our bikes,
Sucked blue raspberry ice pops on rooftops,
Choreographed dances as cars flew by.
Off these streets we walked barefoot in icy streams,
We built dens out of sticks and climbed trees,
We picked blackberries and built dreams
That we could live this way undisturbed, unseen
By the world of parents, homework, taunts and punches.
No more scuffles over soggy packed lunches.
No more scribbled notes with sharp, bitchy remarks,
Or being the last one left in PE without a partner,
Or sitting at the front of class on your own,
Or pulling a sickie so you can go home
And get away from the words, and the sticks and stones.
On these streets, off these streets,
Wandering this code, I built my home.

Born and raised in the grassy meadows of Lancashire, Binky is a northern monkey who has relocated to East London’s concrete jungle. As a singer/songwriter and spoken word artist, she aims to write material that people can recognise themselves in and relate to.


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